What is the Life Challenge?

The Life Challenge, also known as the L+C, is a recovery initiative to support those who have, and will, face challenges. Whether your challenge is getting out of bed in the morning, reconnecting with a loved one, or making strides towards a personal goal, we are here for you. We are a positive and motivational community. Together we will break down life’s barriers and celebrate the accomplishments along the way.

Why Join The L+C?
The Benefits

Joining the Life Challenge is free, but the benefits stick with you for a lifetime!


We are all in this together. We will meet where you are and with what you need. We are here to provide tools, encouragement, and support to keep you moving forward! We want you to connect with others within the recovery community, grow your network and help spread the message of the Life Challenge.


We offer events across the country to help keep you involved in the community. By keeping in touch with us, you can learn more about these events, such as group meals, outdoor adventures, sporting events, volunteer opportunities and more! Have an idea for an event? Let us know!


After treatment at Foundations if you decide to become a member of our program you are guaranteed phone calls, e-mails, yearly mailings, ways to connect with us on social media, and events you might be able to attend. We have a team dedicated to offering encouragement, and a listening ear.

We are all on this journey called life, and each of our journeys are extraordinarily, and beautifully different. Yet at the same time we all face the same things: challenges.

Carol Ricossa

Dear Life… Challenge Accepted

Join the thousands of already participating Life Challenge members and face your challenges head on!

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The L+C Blog is a place to share tips, inspiration, stories, elaboration on daily challenges, and more. Send us your feedback and ideas!

You’ve earned them! We want to see what challenges you have taken on. It can be something simple, more difficult, and everything in between. Upload a photo to share with the Life Challenge community. Together we can inspire and encourage each other to do what once seemed impossible. It’s about time you bragged about yourself.