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2016 Life Challenge Recap

2016 Life Challenge Recap


The Life Challenge has seen many changes and improvements in 2016. The manager of the L+C, Sabrina, launched the new program in February and watched as her hard work paid off. We shifted from just an alumni program to a unified recovery support team that walks with our members as they take on the challenge of life in recovery. Sabrina’s goal was to make recovery something to brag about, hence her idea of the “bragging rights” page on the L+C website. We want each of our members to be proud of their journey and want them to view the L+C as a valuable resource and aid in early stages of recovery. Most importantly, we want our members to know that they have access to a listening ear and a recovery resource 24/7.

One of the best parts of being an L+C motivator is seeing our members not just talk about recovery but live it out through accomplishing things they did not think were possible before getting clean. Receiving bragging rights from our members is one of our favorite things about our job. The motivators are so thankful that we have members that are fired up about life in recovery who spread their excitement throughout the community. We love seeing the L+C t-shirt or an L+C decal on a car and knowing that the Life Challenge community is growing.

One of the biggest differences between the Life Challenge and any other alumni program is that our program encourages members to let people know that they are a part of the recovery community. The L+C team has also grown in order to better support all of its members. The team’s goal is to empower our members and aid each person through providing personal resources for further care, hearing their stories, and helping in a way best suited for the individual and his or her needs.

Hearing success stories from our members has kept us fueled and ready to take on the year to come. We are excited about 2017 and where the Life Challenge is headed. We plan to keep growing, hosting events, sharing your stories, and keep serving members on a daily basis. We thank you for allowing us to walk this journey with you and look forward to the road ahead.

Happy 2017!

The L+C Motivators and Coordinators

Sabrina, Hudson, Will, Jacy, Teela, Carly, Ben, Carol, Diana, and Sarah

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