The Life Challenge
40 x 3 x 3

40 x 3 x 3

40 minutes to think about things

It takes me 40 minutes to drive to Black Bear Lodge from my home. I am lucky that I get to drive against the traffic, and the country roads leading up to the mountains are quiet in the morning.

I left home around 6.45am today and the sun is just rising – the start of a new day. I don’t have the radio or music playing because this is my time to connect and to get centered for my day ahead.

As I drive I am in awe of the beauty of everything I see. I make it a point to look at the color of the leaves on the trees and how green they are. The color of the sky is so blue with just a few white clouds rolling by. The sunlight streams through the trees as I drive eastward, and the mountains in the distance start to get closer and closer. I see American flags against white picket fences; broken down barns and houses that were once new homes to families. It’s nice to let yourself go and think about things for just a little while.  I feel grateful, and I am reminded that my time here is precious and short.


As I approach Cleveland, I see people getting on with their day. I wonder about their lives and what their day will be like. I pass the Amish bakery and think of the ladies lovingly making their breads and cakes. I think about my life, where I am, and where my journey is taking me. For me it’s exciting to think of where it will lead me in the future.

I turn into the little lane that leads up to the gate of Black Bear. This is where I ready myself to be the best I can for our patients. I think of particular ones that are new to us and those who are getting ready to leave. I make it a point to say hello and wave as I go up the road to the cabin where I work. And so my day begins.  I am ready to be kind and compassionate, supportive and caring to staff and patients alike. I don’t look for any reward because this is from my heart. All I know is that this day will never come again, so I want to make it a great one.

As I drive the 40 minutes home, I think of the people that I have been with and the stories that I have heard; the support I have given and the love that I have spread. What has it taken from me to say “Hello, how is your day going?”, and to actually listen and give support and encouragement – the answer is nothing. As I turn into my driveway, I am thankful for the job I have and the 40 minuets I have to put things into perspective.


3 Positive Things to do Today

1) A random act of kindness

2) Believe that I can do this – this thing called Life

3) Have a conversation with another person

Red heart in child hands, gift, hand made valentine, close up, horizontal

3 hours

For 3 hours I will not complain once, I will see positive things in everything that surrounds me and give thanks to my higher power for this day ……. Just for 3 hours


Take some time out of your day to do the 40 x 3 x 3

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