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6 Things to accomplish in the next 30 days

6 Things to accomplish in the next 30 days



Hello everyone! I hope 2017 is going well for you so far. As we are half way through February, I hope you had a chance to complete some of our challenges from last month. If not, have no fear the L+C team is here to give you five brand new challenges for the next 30 days. So good luck and be sure to let us know when you complete any of the challenges, we would love to send you some free swag!


Spend time with the family

Many people regularly spend time with their families, but for many of us this is not the case. There are plenty of people out there may not have the best relationship with their families. But this does not have to be the case forever. Spending some time with the family is an excellent way to work on creating a stronger relationship. Now I know for some people this may be very easy to accomplish while others may find it rather difficult. No matter what kind of relationship you have with your family spending some time with them is definitely beneficial to everyone.


Set a personal health goal

Being healthy is not always the easiest task. Especially with all the unhealthy food and distractions that surround us everywhere we go. But by setting a personal health goal you can change this. A health goal can be anything. A few good examples are stop drinking soda, start a new diet, going on walks or running every day, or starting to go the gym. So whether your goal is big or small anything to live a healthy life is definitely a step in the right direction.


Make a new playlist

Everyone loves music and what better way to listen to your favorite tunes than to find an awesome playlist. All of the most popular music streaming services offer pre made playlists which are great, but with these pre made playlists you are bound to find some songs that you don’t like. But have no fear because all of these streaming services allow you to create your own playlists. Playlists are great for everything from working out to going on a trip.


Practice self-care

Practicing self-care is important to everyone whether or not you’re in recovery. In today’s busy world it can be very hard to slow down and take some time for yourself. But constantly working, going to class, etc. is not a healthy way to live your life. Practicing self-care can be an excellent way to improve your daily life and it is very easy to accomplish. Self-care can be anything that you enjoy doing. For me some of the things I do to practice self-care are spending time with my dog, reading, and watching my favorite shows. But these are just a few examples! Your self-care can be anything you want, whether you like doing yoga, cooking, or reading a book. Now get out there and do what you love and practice some self-care!


Find a new favorite show

In today’s world television is more prominent than ever. With that being said there are more shows available than ever before and no matter what your interests may be there is definitely a show out there for you. Finding a new show is easier than ever with all the TV streaming services out there. Some of the most popular services are Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. All of these services give you the opportunity to watch old TV shows as well as current shows. Many of these services also offer exclusive content only available on specific streaming services. If you do not have a membership with one of these services there are still plenty of great shows on cable television. So get out there and find a great new show.


Check out Foundations new podcast Recovery Unscripted

Here at Foundations we recently started a new podcast series called Recovery Unscripted. The Life Challenge Team thought this could be a great resource for all of our Life Challenge members.  Below is a brief description of the podcast:

Recovery Unscripted brings you unique perspectives from inside the world of addiction and mental health recovery. Hosted by David Condos and powered by Foundations Recovery Network, this podcast’s mission is to provide both education and inspiration by sharing valuable insights and powerful stories. Each episode explores a different relevant topic through conversations with a variety of influential and knowledgeable figures, from clinicians and marketers to corporate executives and leaders of the recovery community. As these individuals share their personal journeys and firsthand experience, listeners are welcomed in to join the discussion, discover new truths and be encouraged by the compelling stories of hope that always accompany recovery. The podcast can be found online at or on iTunes at


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