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9 Tips to Adventurous Living in Recovery

9 Tips to Adventurous Living in Recovery

In recovery, it is possible to become bored, complacent, and even stagnant in our growth. As most of us have come to realize in recovery, the absence of growth could be detrimental for our long-term recovery process. Adventure is a great way to live a healthier lifestyle, learn how to overcome fears, challenge yourself in extraordinary ways, as well as connect with other people who may have similar interests as you. Adventure is also a way to tap into a greater awareness of ourselves while practicing coping tools in exciting and engaging ways. There are no limits to where adventure can take you, it’s all about getting started! So strap on your outdoor gear, grab some buddies, and use these 9 Tips on how to live an adventurous life in recovery!

Conquer those Fears

Make a list of Fears and start navigating ways to overcome them. Begin by accepting that you have this fear and have a true desire to overcome it. Then start taking small steps to conquer them. Whether it is taking a class on how to boulder safely, or learning how to navigate the wild with a compass; the integration of knowledge and understanding will show you that there is truly nothing to fear once you know what to do. Over time, the irrational part of the fear will leave once you learn how to execute these adventurous activities safely. Regaining a sense of control over an irrational fear, you will be jazzing up your life with adventures in no time!

Remain Open-Minded

You never know when an adventure could be calling you. Keeping an open-mind will allow these creative opportunities to flow in and rock your world! Grab that flyer off of the coffee shop tack board for surf lessons. Scan the local Meet-Up Site for hiking buddies in your area. Not knowing where the next adventure experience could be is a part of the adventure, and it could be the next experience to change your life!

Be Willing

Once you put it out there to the universe, be willing to show up once it presents itself. Even if you’re not sure if you’re going to go through with it completely. Showing up gives you a chance to test the waters and see how adventurous you could potentially be. If you can’t go through with the adventure once there, it at least gives you a kick off point to try again. Which leads us into tip #4…

Accept Possible Failure Attempting Adventures

Most of the time, what makes an adventure “an adventure”, is the fact that we’ve never done it before: which entails some risk taking. You may not be able to send that 5.9 climbing route the first time, but hey you at least tried and tomorrow is another day! There is a lot to learn in the failed attempt, which makes us stronger and wiser the next time we go for it. Besides, anything that is worth doing won’t come easy, but it is always worth it. Recovery has taught us that. Be prepared for the possibility of failure, but also be ready for that glorious moment when you succeed! That’s what keeps us adventure enthusiasts coming back for more!

Do what you Dream

When you were a kid, did you ever dream of being able to fly? How about being a shark or a mermaid? These dreams can easily be transferred into our recovery lives, so long as we remain creative about it. Maybe you won’t sprout wings or sharp teeth over night, but you can take some helicopter lessons or learn how to scuba dive in the Barrier Reef. Hold on to those dreams and make them a reality!

Follow inspiration

Trouble coming up with your own adventurous excursions? Grab some National Geographic magazines or hit up an adventure YouTube channel and see what sparks interest. Quite possibly you have an adventurous buddy that inspires you in your life, ask them to take you along on one of their outings. More than likely they love sharing their passion with people and would happily show you the ropes (pun intended!). If you aren’t connected to anyone living adventurously, there are plenty of courses you could take (Outward Bound or NOLS to name a couple) that would engage you in adventure in a safe sober environment. (All Outward Bound and NOLS trips are drug and alcohol free, that includes nicotine).

Make a Vision board

Sticking to your goals of living an adventurous recovery life can be a challenge as work, family, responsibilities, meetings, and the like populate our schedules and consume our time. Making a vision board and putting it in a place where you can see it regularly will continually remind you of your desire. Little by slowly, you will start noticing more and more opportunities to live this life. Eventually, you will make that decision and it will be Thundercats GO! For your newfound experience.

Keep Track

On the days that don’t seem as exciting, it’s always good to look back and remember all of the epic things that you have done! It also helps to inspire the next adventure! Keep a journal and/or a log of all the adventures you go on. Take pictures while on your adventures and post them on social media. Share them with your family and friends. Their excitement will continue to motivate your journey, even when the fires start to dimmer a bit during everyday living.

Be Safe & Have Fun!

Remember, calculated risks are a part of the adventure experience. Be sure to journey with experienced people when embarking on a new adventure, or heck…get the education yourself! Regardless, safety should always be in the forefront of any experience. But also make sure to let go and have fun! We didn’t get sober to live miserable lives. We certainly aren’t a glum lot. And I don’t think we were ever intended to be. A sweet balance between safety and fun is what keeps the mojo going for that one on the horizon. Dive in and explore!

What adventures have you been longing to go on? What adventures have you been on lately? Share them with us to inspire others to live adventurous lives in recovery! We do this together!

Love and Light, AV