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This is the Life Challenge…

We get that life after treatment brings upon its own new set of challenges. Sometimes the plan doesn’t work out, and sometimes a whole new problem arises. That is why we invite you to become part of The Life Challenge, also known as The LC. At the LC we get that the journey of recovery isn’t easy, but we are here for you. We encourage you to view life as a challenge and take it by the horns. We will celebrate your accomplishments and take on your challenges.

Whether your challenge is getting out of bed in the morning, reconnecting with a loved one, or making strides towards a personal goal, we are here for you through the ups and downs. Join us on the journey of life and accept the challenge!

Dear Life…
Challenge Accepted

If you are already a member of The Life Challenge you might ask now what? The goal of the LC is to make it yours. What do you want out of it? After treatment at Foundations if you decide to become a member of our program you are guaranteed phone calls, e-mails, yearly mailings, ways to connect with us on social media, and events you might be able to attend. That is the minimum.

We want to do more. We want you to share your challenges, completed challenges, and personal accomplishments. It doesn’t matter how you do it, whether it’s tweeting us a photo of your newest milestone, e-mailing us an update, writing a letter, whatever it is we want to hear from YOU. We want to stay connected, be there for you in the times of struggle, and most of all CELEBRATE.

The Life Challenge Team

These are the people that make the L+C possible.

Carol Ricossa

Carol Ricossa

L+C Community Coordinator
The Oaks at La Paloma

Ben Wilson

L+C Community Coordinator
Talbott Recovery Campus