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Bye Bye Winter Blues

Bye Bye Winter Blues

The holidays have come and gone and it’s quite cold outside. Don’t despair! It’s a fresh New Year and with it comes new opportunities to embrace life and ReCharge your recovery. Here are a few cold weather ideas to help you embrace the season and your recovery journey.

Journaling: Writing down hopes, dreams, thoughts, fears, anxieties and any other emotionally charged issues can help you deal with whatever you are facing. I have personally found that even if I think I understand my problems, there is something magical about putting pen to paper. You bring your obscure thoughts to life, make them real and in doing so, you can truly see yourself in a whole new way. Besides, I can think of nothing better on a cold day than cuddling up in my favorite spot with a piping hot cup of coffee of tea, and taking some time to really get to know myself.

Family time/Me time: Our lives are often so chaotic as we attempt to juggle work, home, family and numerous (and seemingly unending) other responsibilities. This is often further complicated when you or a loved one is trying to maintain recovery. This is the perfect time of year to take a breather. Winter weather woes have you stuck inside? Use this time to spend with family and friends, organize a game night or a movie marathon. Spending time with the people you love and doing the things that make you happy are healthy ways to further strengthen yourself on your road to recovery. Don’t forget about you! Don’t be afraid to take some “me” time. Take a warm bath, read a good book, watch your favorite movie and most importantly, take the time to be proud of yourself for all you have been through and survived. After all, you deserve a little pampering too!

Get creative: Don’t let the humdrum winter blues get you down, celebrate the season by getting creative. A few possibilities to get you started: invite your friends over for a hot cocoa bar with all the toppings and mix-ins you could imagine. How about an indoor field day event with the kids? There are so many possibilities!

And finally…Sure, it’s pretty close to freezing out there but if winter fun is your thing, get out there and enjoy it! Have a snowball fight, go sledding or skiing. It’s even more fun to try something you have never done before, maybe you could finally learn to ice skate. It is all about your mindset, get creative and have fun and the winter weather will be gone before you know it!