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Happy, Healthy, Hobby

Happy, Healthy, Hobby

Being in recovery is not easy! After treatment many people feel lost and confused about what the next steps may be. Learning to use your new found freedom from addiction can be a grueling task and having too much free time can be a dangerous prospect. So why not use your freedom to start a new hobby and live the happiest healthiest life possible.

First off let’s discuss the dangers of too much free time and boredom. Many people in recovery leave treatment and try to live an easy and stress free life to avoid any urges of their addiction. However too much of this can lead to boredom and to ultimately thinking of all the good times that they had while using alcohol or other substances. This thinking will lead to multiple dangerous thoughts and feelings including depression, irritability anger, dissatisfaction with recovery and loneliness. This thinking is the last thing someone in recovery wants or needs.

Finding a new hobby can be an excellent way to stay busy, feel productive, and find new meaning in life. Many people will discover new talents or skills they may not have even known they had. They may also be able to discover forgotten skills, talents and interests that were lost in addiction. Hobbies will also give people in recovery additional benefits including the opportunity to meet new people and form new relationships. They may be able their newly found hobby into a part time job. And finally a hobby will give people in recovery the opportunity to be creative as well as participate in activities they find fun and enjoyable.

Now many people will not know where to begin when deciding which hobbies they will pursue and how to find one that will fit their interests. Well a great starting point is to look back to before addiction and recovery and think any hobbies or interests you may have had in the past.  There is no reason why you cannot pick up where you left off and restart or continue old hobbies. Next ask family, friends, or anyone you have met in recovery what are some hobbies they may participate in. Not only is this a great way to grow and foster existing relationships but it is also a great way to connect with new people and form relationships that can last a lifetime. But don’t stop here! Continue with a rather simple step, research hobbies online just by doing a simple Google search. Trust me when I say there is no shortage of fun, healthy, and creative hobbies out there. With hobbies literally pertaining to every interest whether they may be carpentry, exercising, stargazing, bowling, baking, etc. the possibilities are endless!

To close hobbies are one of the best ways for someone in recovery to continue the healing process. But if hobbies are not your thing there are other ways to do this. Other options are to attend any AA or NA meetings to volunteering in your community, whether it be picking up trash or to working at a soup kitchen. Just remember recovery is not easy and the little things like hobbies can go a very long way to help someone in recovery to life a happy, healthy life.

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