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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


New Year, New You

Finally, it is the time of year everyone has been waiting for. The time awaits holiday celebrations, relaxation, fun gatherings with family and friends, and most excitingly- A New Year! It’s hard to believe 2017 is coming to an end, but I certainly know how excited I am to kick off a fresh start with new goals and opportunities.

A New Year is a perfect chance to start over and accomplish anything you want. This can help steer the road of recovery in the right direction! A great way to get an early start is to create a list of positive things you want to accomplish for 2018. Here are a few examples the L+C Team came up with to help give you an idea!

Healthy Lifestyle Goals

A common, yet very confidence boosting New Year’s resolution. Being healthy is not always the easiest task, but I know how much better I feel mentally and physically when I take care of my body a little more. Eating less of those unhealthy foods and more exercise is a great way to become healthier, happier, and confident this New Year. An easy approach to eating better this year is to cook the foods you enjoy. When it comes to exercise, you don’t even have to buy a gym membership! A quick walk or jog in the upcoming spring weather along with a realistic diet can help achieve those fitness goals.

Take a Trip/Travel More

What doesn’t sound more exciting than a getaway trip this New Year? An escape from reality to enjoy some relaxed time with family, friends, or even alone can help ease the mind and is a great time for self-care. Sometimes money and other obligations take over; yet a weekend getaway to the beach, campsite, or just getting out of your city can assemble the New Year with a refreshed and relaxed mind. A great goal to help achieve an extended leisure would be to save as much money as possible for that exciting trip of a lifetime you have always wanted to do. 2018 is unstoppable!

Find a New Interest/Hobby

This is my ultimate goal for 2018. I am always on the hunt to find something new to enjoy during my pass time, and this New Year is calling my name! A hobby gives you the opportunity to relax, have fun, and reduce stress all at the same time. Usually, I like to hang out with family and friends, workout, and dance. However, I would love to find a new interest that can possibly turn into a hidden passion! For example, I would love to start cooking and reading more. So start small, have fun, and your creativity will uncover the rest!

Happy New Year!


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