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Music & Recovery

Music & Recovery



Music is an outlet that allows people to feel, express, and better understand the emotions of themselves as well as others.  On a personal level, I use music as a form of therapy. When the world becomes a little bit too much to handle, I sing until I have worked out my frustrations. When I am overjoyed, I play the piano and belt out my praises. And on a daily basis, I have a playlist of songs for each type of emotion I may feel or want to express.

I believe that music is therapeutic on an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual level. When I am singing, I can feel my anxiety being released and my spirits being lifted. Mastering a difficult song or piece allows me to feel a sense of accomplishment and triumph. Music is empowering and allows us to connect with ourselves as well as with others.

Sharing the gift of music with others is something I would highly recommend. Growing up, I always sang in some type of ensemble, whether that be in choir, an acapella ensemble, or a jazz group. Some of my fondest memories in school are the times I spent with my musician friends, working on pieces together and sharing the gift of music with others. We have a bond that is difficult to explain unless you have gone through the experience of creating and performing music with friends.

Sharing music can place people out of their comfort zones and move you into a vulnerable space. When you embrace this space and surround yourself with encouraging people, you are able to express yourself creatively and feel a sense of freedom.

Personally, one of my favorite aspect of Foundation’s facility, The Oaks at La Paloma is the Blue Door Recording Studio.  The facility has a variety of instruments to be played, musicians to accompany singers, and songwriting and creative arts workshops. Anyone undergoing treatment can use the recording studio and take home a copy of their music they record.

The minds behind the Blue Door Recording Studio stated, “Playing music can be very therapeutic, and our music program emphasizes healing through creative expression.”

Whether you are in treatment, going through a difficult patch, or life seems to be going great, I would encourage you to utilize music as a therapeutic outlet. Take the time to let your mind be creative and engage in your artistic abilities. I believe that at times, music can connect with others more than words, and would encourage you to cultivate your inner musician and share your gifts with the world.


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