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Paying it Forward

Paying it Forward


L+C members and friends, we would like to ask you to pay it forward in the month of May. If you would be willing, please take a look at these surveys and consider taking them. Both of these are working to advance the recovery community and provide research based evidence as we work to improve the care provided in our field.

First, we are looking for someone to interview! I have an interesting potential opportunity. AARP’s publication is looking to interview someone who developed an opiate addiction post age 50. They want to interview the person and develop an article that someone can read and think “hey that could happen to me” versus the stigma of “that would never happen to me”

Requirements for the person: 

-Developed an addiction past age 50

-primary addiction was opiates

-willing to use their full name

-middle class

-strong in their recovery, the reporter is in recovery themselves and so wouldn’t want this story to jeopardize the person’s recovery

Angle- how did the opiate addiction begin? Wants to raise awareness that this can happen to anyone, idea is to have someone read it and relate to it

If you would like to participate, please email your L+C Motivators at [email protected]


Second is a study opportunity on family of alcoholics on grief and social support:

Are you a close family member of an alcoholic? Please participate in a 15 min. online, confidential survey to help with research on the role of grief and social support on this current relationship:


We would love your participation and your input on these topics. Let’s work together and pay it forward this spring! If you have any questions, please contact The Life Challenge at [email protected]. If you need support, call the L+C helpline at 1-877-714-1322.

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