The Life Challenge
Personal Goals: Make Em’ Count and Make Em’ Fun!

Personal Goals: Make Em’ Count and Make Em’ Fun!

It’s 2016 and everyone feels the pressure to list out some lofty goals, and make major life changes. While sometimes it can be a healthy thing, a lot of times you feel as if you are reaching for a goal that was never attainable in the first place. Reaching for the stars is an awesome way to live life, but not always realistic. Personally, I decided to have a mix of goals for the coming year. Some simple, some challenging, and even some that are just fun!

Read: I have loved reading, but I seem to have neglected it recently. My goal is to fit reading into my daily routine. Mixing up the topics always helps, and sometimes it is nice to read something that has nothing to do with your day to day activities. Currently I am reading: Not Fade Away by Peter Barton and Laurence Shames.

Overthink Less: I’ll be honest, I don’t think I will ever be able to totally alleviate overthinking from my life, but I know I could do a whole lot less of it. When things don’t go exactly how I planned it…let it go. When I try to evaluate what someone is thinking…just let it go! Putting things in a wider perspective will probably make most problems that arise seem miniscule and not worth the stress.

Plan ahead for fitness goals: I committed to running in a race this spring. This is a lofty fitness goal for me, but since I am signed up… I hope it will help me stay committed and motivated during the months leading up to it. The goal doesn’t have to be a tough one though, it could be something small like committing to a walk every day and holding yourself accountable!

Less scrolling: Although I don’t avidly post on social media, I find myself spending countless hours just scrolling through what everyone else is posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Before I go to bed, I find myself mindlessly scrolling, scrolling, and more scrolling. Then an hour later I decide I should go to sleep, and all of the sudden I am wide awake. It seems like minuscule thing to fix, but let’s be honest…we all do it!

Experience my city: Music City: Whether you live in a small community or a huge city, every location has certain qualities, history, and events to experience! I recently moved to Nashville and now that it has been a few months I have decided I need take advantage of the amazing music scene! I hope to check out some of the smaller venues and experience different artists. What does your city have to offer? Get out and see, you might be surprised!

I will leave you all with this quote I love from actress Kerry Washington: “I realized I don’t have to be perfect. I just have to show up and enjoy the messy, imperfect and beautiful journey of my life.”