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Recovery Month

Recovery Month


September is National Recovery Month in the United States. This is an exciting time in our industry because we want to celebrate recovery as well as raise awareness of the topic. There are many ways to promote Recovery Month, and my program, The Life Challenge, would like to share our upcoming events and initiatives that will be going on during the month of September.

First, I would like to share a bit about The Life Challenge, typically referred to as The L+C. Foundations Recovery Network has PHP, IOP and residential facilities across the country. Any time someone completes a program through FRN, they have the opportunity to become an L+C member. That person will then have a coordinator assigned to them that will complete follow-ups over the course of the next year or longer. The L+C hosts sober events, facility reunions and social functions as a constant source of support for our members. The goal is to make sure that no one feels alone during their journey in recovery.

As the L+C has grown, we not only look at the program as a movement, but also as a community. The L+C has almost 15,000 members, which means there are 15,000 people who have gone through treatment and understand what it means to take on life in recovery.

We would like to focus on community during Recovery Month. This could mean attending L+C events and connecting with fellow L+C members. It could mean finding ways to pour into your sober community through service. It could even mean finding ways to honor those who supported you during your journey to recovery. Whatever you consider your community, pour into those surrounding you to celebrate recovery and create awareness of the difference a sober community can make in your life!

One way to celebrate your sober community is through a movement called “Bragging Rights.” This platform allows each of our members to upload photos to our website and brag about things they have accomplished while in recovery! During Recovery Month, we are challenging each of our members to submit a bragging right reflecting their L+C involvement or their sober community. In return, they will receive some L+C swag! The link to submit bragging rights can be found here: 

Another way to celebrate is by attending L+C events this month. We are holding facility reunions at The Oaks and Michael’s House, Heroes 6K races in Tennessee and California, attending the Recovery Month Dodgers Game in Los Angeles and much more. Please follow this link to find all L+C events going on during September and find an opportunity to connect with other L+C members:

Let’s look at Recovery Month as a chance to make a difference and grow your sober community. We believe that the real work of recovery starts when you leave treatment, which is why the L+C exists to serve you and help you connect with a network of people in recovery. We are excited for all that Recovery Month has to offer and we hope you will join us in celebrating! As always, remember that the L+C is here for and your loved ones. Happy Recovery Month, friends!

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