The Life Challenge
Staying in touch and reconnecting with loved ones: Keep it simple!

Staying in touch and reconnecting with loved ones: Keep it simple!

It’s hard to find time to say hello to loved ones & family…but it’s not impossible!

We have communication devices at our fingertips 24/7 and apps galore, so what’s the hold up?

Skype: Download the Skype app or install on your pc and set a time to connect. It could be almost like a date! Looking forward to an early or late skype call can certainly make your day or evening. Plan it in advance, and even make it a weekly call.

FaceTime: We all know it means the world to us knowing we can see each other instantly and chat too! Long or short, words of love and encouragement are like fresh flowers in an open field.

Texting: It can be a short sweet way to let a loved one know how you are doing. Maybe a text can be the prelude to a skype or FaceTime moment?

Email: It is always lovely to get an email and to send one too – catching up on things and sharing your feelings is always good. A great way to get share what’s going on in your life. Keep it simple with plans and happenings.

Letters: Some say the old ways are the best! How great it is to receive a hand written card or letter, knowing that someone has spent the time to write and check on you- it’s awesome.

If you are the sender consider adding some doodles or drawings, some lines of poetry or song lyrics even a treasured memory, it’s all good and very greatly received.

Enclose a return stamped envelope and some writing paper, being considerate that your loved one may not have access to this or is just not used to sending letters , it’s a great way help someone

Either way you look at it, if you make the effort to stay in touch the rewards of love and kindness will be tenfold, give and make time a little…you will feel the love!